[RESPONDED] Best wifi card for compatibility with win/linux

I might replace the mediatek one since I have issues installing windows due to missing drivers and getting wifi to work in kali/puffin

So I need recommendations for a card that’s known for great linux compatibility in terms of drivers and great performance, but also works well with windows

For Windows, if the issue is getting Windows installed, here ya go. Bypass OOBE. Once installed, install your drivers.

For Kali, assuming the kernel is remotely modern and not one of those older kernels, I imagine an AX210 would work.


Windows is not important to me, but my issue was a bit different and is explained here in a bit more detail:

That’s perfect, I did come across a person saying AX200 gave him great battery improvements, bit unsure between those 2

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AX200 is Wifi 6, AX210 is Wifi 6E, basically 6E adds 6ghz.

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I don’t think I even have a wifi6 router, so I will get the AX200 for now… I also don’t need the fastest, just the most compatible with open wifi drivers for linux etc…

But I have read in a description that its not for amd processors, but somebody in this forum also said they got great battery life with it🤔

Just make sure you get the PCIe version instead of CNViO(I think I spelled that right?) as the latter is only for Intel. PCIe is PCIe, it’ll work.

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Won’t get any more compatible or open than ath9k, the usb ones are abundant and cheap, m.2 versions are a lot more expensive (they are custom made since those chips were from vefore the m.2 aera). They are quite slow by todays standards though.

AX200 or 210 sound like pretty good choices unless you want compatibility with really old versions of linux. The newer be200 won’t even post on the amd based frameworks so you may want to avoid those for now.

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Just to update, the battery savings from using ax200 over mediatek, are non existent, not worth it at all…

The compatibility is the only negative for mediatek so far, that also depends what distro your planning to use.

Speed seems identical to me, the intel one seems a bit lacking, but it is an older model…

I really don’t get all the mediatek bashing tbh from other ppl (not in this forum), especially after having tested both now.

The Intel AX210 is slightly newer than the AX200, and the firmware/drivers are well established at this point. I am with @Gulfam_Rana_Amd and the MediaTek hate seems a little strong. I doubt Framework would have bothered endorsing this setup if there were as many alleged issues people claim to have.

The power difference and signal reception will be so close it will just come down to a preference like whether you love a Honda or Toyota. Both are good products with their + and -. :man_shrugging:

Most of the examples have been at some pretty fast wireless speeds which can be influenced by random RF changes through a day even in the same space. If you truly need near gigabit speeds to get what you need to done; use a hardwired setup.

I did read that the drivers from November of 2023 for the MediaTek were more stable in a few posts. I think the version number ended in xxx.918? The latest beta drivers listed a xxx.908 driver. Another thread had a link to the Microsoft Update server database for the RZ card and someone linked a Lenovo laptop driver set that was released last year.

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Just to update for me saying I have issues with mediatek on different distros.

All of those(except windows) was me having a systemwide VPN and none of those virtual-mashines ever worked bcs of it😂

I’m sry for spreading fake news against mediatek, it works great tbh.