[RESPONDED] Dead Machine, Looking For Ideas

While surfing the web, my laptop ( Intel i7-1165G7 ) froze.
I manually powered it off.
My laptop will not restart. When I plug it in, there is no orange light.
Just dead.

Any ideas what it might be, or what to do?

Try this troubleshooting guide first:

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It is still dead.

I have had the issue described above and have solved it this way in the past.

The difference this time from previous times is that it had battery when it froze, and I was able to manually power it off. Now just dead.

So to confirm, you have performed a mainboard reset since it “died”?

Yes, there are no blinking lights when I plug it back in on Step 7

Then at this point I’d recommend you wait for support (based on your other thread I assume you already reached out to them) as it looks like a hardware issue. Nothing further the community can help you with, unfortunately.

I appreciate you getting back so fast

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@Sean_Grettum did support get back to you? Same issue here (13th gen so no RTC battery to replace). Tried a main board reset but no LEDs came on. Died mid-use with battery around 70%, not charging, not turning on, so sounds like a similar issue to yours. I raised a ticket when it happened (July 24th) but waiting to hear back.