[RESPONDED] Does my Framework not support DirectX 12?

I bought one of the first generations of the Framework laptop, and I’m running Linux (Pop_OS) on it. I just downloaded Death Stranding on Steam, but when I try to run it in Proton I get a pop up that says “Your graphics card Intel(R) Xe Graphics (TGL GT2) does not support DirectX 12 features”

Is this correct, or is it a bug in the compatibility layer?

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Are you positive that Death Stranding will run higher than 5 fps on a Framework internal graphics card? I’d be surprised if a modern game like that was playable (League of Legends is kind of the top end for the Xe) even if it did get running.

If you’re using an eGPU, the problem might be that it’s trying to run it using the wrong gpu, so check your NVIDIA X Server Settings app or the AMD equivalent.

Which source did you install the steam app from? PopOS store, apt, something else?


You can check yourself, I have no idea what CPU you have:

The minimum GPU requirements for the Steam version are “GeForce GTX 1050 4 GB or AMD Radeon™ RX 560 4 GB”. You will not have any luck with the internal Intel GPU here. Like even if you somehow convince Wine/Proton/dxvk to emulate Dx12 features, it will be unplayable due to low fps.

You could probably find a slightly older external GPU (to use via Thunderbolt) to help with this.

I installed it via Steam. It looks like the internal graphics card supports DirectX 12, and people are reporting the Proton app runs it as long as you limit the framerate. I was prepared for it to be too slow to be playable, not to outright claim incompatibility.

Linux doesn’t natively support Directx as its proprietary software/standard owned by Microsoft so your system doesn’t support Directx at all. However, if you installed the correct driver’s (I believe Pop OS does that for you), then your system will support Opengl and Vulkan which are open source standards. Then, the proton compatibility layer will convert Directx to either Vulkan or Opengl (depends on the software being used). Since your version of proton doesn’t support Directx 12, you have to alter something (I forgot what) to have it support Directx 12.

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As in downloading the Steam launcher from Steam’s website? If so, then the launcher isn’t the problem (apparently some people have had this happen with the PopOS store version as well as the apt version but the flatpak and the official binary seem to both be fine).

Other people say that there’s a problem with VKD3D (the DX12 compatibility layer) on versions of Proton 6.0 and over (GE included). Downgrade to 5.x?

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Which doesn’t matter here really. As Dx12 is a Windows only technology and you’re running it on Linux, Proton is translating the Dx12 calls to Vulkan or OpenGL, so you’d probably need to look at whatever Features Proton needs for the Dx12 translation (which are probably not the same features Dx12 needs) and if they’re available. As the other have said, switching to a different Proton version might also help.

But in the end this is kinda futile.

Others above are correct. Dx12 is Windows/Microsoft and you’d have to utilize the Proton compatibility layer. That said, I’m not quite sure Death Stranding will run well on the Iris Xe utilizing Proton. I’m happy to be proven incorrect, but my assumption is that the frame rate will be pretty low.

Echoing everything said here.

  • Assuming it’s this game specifically, it’s possible with a supported video card. I highly doubt Iris Xe is going to happen under Proton. Videos claiming that Iris Xe will run it appear to be Windows users.

  • Everything @Jonathan_Haas mentioned is 100% correct.

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Just wanted to pitch in on this: Death Stranding (Director’s Cut) works just fine on the 12th gen 1280P. Granted, 720p with low settings. I didn’t bother installing Fraps or something but I can say I get around 30 FPS average with the lows at around 20. I also had to enable the upscaling thing (whichever one was compatible with Iris Xe Graphics) and I got better constant FPS and the highs probably reaching 40-45 FPS.

I also can’t get it to work on Linux though I have it from Epic Games, so all the Proton magic I’d have to figure out by myself.

Heroic launcher supports both proton and Epic games so I’d use that. ProtonDB has Proton versions listed next to working configs so I’d start there as well.



The link to what was described above.