[RESPONDED] Doubt starfield premium framework 16 amd

One of the requirements to be able to redeem the code is to have an amd graphics card. But most of us won’t have a frame 16 for a few months.

How will we redeem the code if not have a graphics card and physically at the time of the game launch?

If I recall, Framework said they will be sending instructions on how to redeem.

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Yep I’m sure they wouldn’t offer codes if we couldn’t use them.

Pre-orders that include a Graphics Module with an eligible AMD Radeon™ GPU will receive a free download code for one of the biggest games of the year: Starfield™ Premium Edition. Quantities are limited*, and we’ll be sending out the code prior to the game’s early access launch.


According to Framework:

We will be distributing your unique code and redemption instructions in a separate email prior to the launch date for Starfield™ Premium Edition.

The Framework 16 is a partial collaboration with AMD, so I have to imagine they have something worked out.

emphasis added. This should answer the question.


Sorry. I think framework and AMD are both aware of the launch details and you won’t have a problem provided you have an amd GPU.

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@2disbetter what?

sorry I misread your question. I fixed my post to reflect that.

a2dissbetter but I don’t have a 16 framework. I don’t have an amd graphics card.

Until Q1 I won’t have a framework. What I do?

If you don’t purchase the GPU expansion bay option, the Starfield code premium does not cover you, and you will not receive a code.
If you do buy a GPU module, you get the code.


This isn’t a framework promotion, it’s AMD. It’s also not the first time chip makers / gfx card makers have included games. You’ll get sent a steam key. No shot that you’ll get a game that is tied to the framework laptop OR the dGPU.

For clarity: by tied I mean the game is not going to check if you’re playing on a framework 16 or that you’re using a 7700s. This quite literally is buy our hardware and we give you a game.

From AMD’s site.




we will get the code for the game around september 6th (beta access). if you got the confirmation email that you will receive a game code. Then all you have to do is wait. you will be emailed the steam key around then. we will get to play the game before we have even paid for the framework 16" cause it is not expecting to start shipping till atleast oct- Nov.


AMDs process for giving out these codes is you have to install their verification tool, which verifies you have a valid product installed in your computer, and then they give you a token to use for the code, when the game codes become available. (I actually have a starfield code token from another graphics card purchase a month ago).

I don’t see how they are going to verify anything when we haven’t received our laptops yet. Not to mention people can just cancel their laptop preorders and keep their codes if they were to receive them before laptop orders were shipped.

All that said, I am curious how they will approach this as well.

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I originally pre-ordered the 16 without the GPU, but then I requested a modification to my order, to add the GPU, am I still valid for the Starfield code?

Yes, you have met the requirement pending availability, as per AMDs comments.

An to be additionally clear you needed to receive a confirmation from Framework as well:

You’ll have the key, you can redeem the code, you can redeem the code using the steam mobile app, or website if you don’t have a PC in general, and if you don’t have a pc you can play the game on, you’ll have to wait until Q1 to play it.

He shouldn’t have to really. I mean once the game is redeemed on Steam, it is not like the Steam client is validating the GPU being used to play the game.

You can play the game anywhere you can use the Steam client and have the appropriate hardware. (to be clear, no game developer is going to target a single brand of GPU and not allow the game to work with any other GPU. So what I am saying here is that you have some kind of capable graphics card, and it need not be an AMD based one.)

That’s what I’m saying, I don’t think the question is clear.

Is he asking what he’s suppose to do because he has capable hardware but he has Nvidia,
Is he asking because he doesn’t have a capable device to play the game
Is he asking because he wants to know/understand how the code’s are working.

Are we sure the code provided will be a Steam key? I haven’t read anywhere that the promotion will be redeemed through Steam? I know some of the NVidia promotions are redeemed through a third party website, and they check to ensure there is an eligible NVidia graphics card installed before the download begins. If someone can link to the information showing this is definitely through Steam (rather than assuming), if would be of great interest. Before someone says this is AMD not NVidia, I know that. I’m just saying it cannot be assumed this key will be redeemable through Steam.

I’m pretty sure all AMD’s redemption keys are for steam, my last one was, and the AMD website links to your steam account.