[RESPONDED] Starfield running on the Framework 13


Starfield is running great on my Framework 13 (i7-1370P + 7900 XTX eGPU).

Extra graphics preset. I have not measured any FPS yet, but it’s buttery smooth in 1080p so far.

And last but not least, it’s running on Ubuntu 22.04 + Proton!



Well that’s for the playable intro. Things get a lot more on the stuttering side after character creation. ~45 FPS.

GPU is running at 100% according to radeontop. Maybe the game is CPU bound. But the CPU is not running that hot (~60C).


Despite the hiccups, nicely done. I read some Steam Deck owners suggesting (I have not confirmed) it may be CPU bound, but this may get sorted in AMD land later on.

Might also be interesting to compare it without the external display, using internal display only with the GPU - super stoked with this progress!

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Ran Starfield for a few hours on the i7-1165 and a 2060 eGpu, I got definitly playable framerates (30 fps) around Medium settings on a 1080p external display. It definitely had my gpu pegged at 100% with my cpu peaking at 100% as well, but an overall enjoyable experience.

Although, I think the performance penalty I got from the eGpu was significant enough that when i put the eGPU back in my old desktop with an i7-8700 (which i realize is also a better cpu in terms of performance), I was getting 45 fps at High settings, so might stick with that setup while I play around with the game this weekend.

(also might be out of place as I ran it on windows but figured it also fell under running Starfield on the Framework 13)

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