[RESPONDED] Doubt starfield premium framework 16 amd

While I am planning on keeping my GPU, and I get Starfield for “free” via MSFT Game Pass… But I did e-mail support … Maybe they will respond here in a few days…

To my knowledge, these cases are not fully clarified by Framework.
But my opinion is, that neither AMD nor Framework will charge you if you choose to change your pre order down the road.
Since this will probably only a small number of cases (compared to FW16 sales with dGPU or AMD sales of GPUs which are eligible), i believe they just let you have the game for free and dont bother with revoking your key. Would probably cost them more than just gift you the game.

Its similar buying a graphics card and returning it before 14 days in the EU. All gifts or promos associated with it are in almost all cases not necessary to refund.

Again, this is my opinion. If Framework or AMD choose differently this time, they will let you know some way or another.

Back in the day, we had to cut out UPC codes and send them in, even in the digital age because it’s a way to prevent customers from returning their product after redeeming the code. I think it was a bad thing to do since the “free item” is usually not something someone hang their purchase on - just a freebie, but that can cost them a choice of returning their item if defective or didn’t meet their expectation within the return period.

Pros and cons… pros and cons…

Yeah, it’s a tricky situation. My mind isn’t made up on what I’ll do, but I’m not relishing in the possible outcome of scoring a free game I don’t really care to play while also mucking up Framework’s logistics as they launch a new product. I just don’t feel overly compelled to do the “right thing” (change the order now instead of doing a return) if it means having the shipping date pushed back to who-knows-when.

I didn’t even know this thing would come with a video game when I placed the order. I just fell into a “no compromises” sort of attitude when making the pre-order selections.

Are you sure about your shipping date getting pushed back? I already changed my order twice without any problems or disadvantages.

Just write a support ticket what you would change (obviously changing from DIY to prebuilt wouldn’t be possibly) and they will update your order in a few work days.

Codes will be shipped:

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SpiffingBrit posted a short telling people to pre-order a 16, get Starfield, cancel pre-order, get refund, keep starfield.

Here’s a link to those curious, kinda disgusting.


It’s gone private now.

YouTubers… :roll_eyes:


That is so unethical …


That’s unkind of SpiffingBrit. Framework is a startup trying to succeed in Right to repair where the dominant firms do not allow repair. Last I knew, you should have an email from Framework or AMD rewards to the pre-order number to redeem the code. Early access is 00:00 UTC 1st September, so changing time zone to New Zealand will not change the time.


Got mine.

AMD Rewards account activation email seems to be taking a while. I still haven’t received the AMD Rewards account activation email yet. I’m guessing they are getting a large influx of new account activations.

I emailed AMD Rewards and after several hours they activated the account for me.

When I tried to claim the reward, I get the fallowing message:" Your rewards cannot be assigned at this time, please try again at a later time"

Now I am, as I assume everyone else is, waiting for the release of the game.

Latest: Preloading has started! I have downloaded the preload. I don’t think it’s the whole game as it’s only about 85 GBs. I’m guessing we’ll be able to download more and the day one patch tomorrow. Woot.

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Also got mine as well. Just received it via email.

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Just got my code. It will come from mail.frame.work, not AMD.

@Eric_Lidiak the first email comes from framework, but you then have to set up an account with AMD Rewards, amd we are all stuck at this point at the activation emails from AMD are not getting through :frowning:

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Hmm, I guess I got lucky…? I clicked on link to go to AMD signed up and followed the email until i got this.


I have done these kind of promos 3 times before. Usually get keys between a week before launch to release day. It is a AAA game so you will probably want to wait a month or two at least before playing anyways because of bugs.

If you cancel your laptop order or change order to remove the dGPU then you will be refunded everything except for the amount required to cover the game. According to some research this loop hole was close a long time ago. So if you pre-order and put in the $100 deposit and you cancel the entire order you don’t get your deposit back since this game is $99.99.

I’ve already got an account from a earlier GPU purchase. It’s added Starfield OK, showing as “Your key will be assigned as soon as it is available.”

So halfway there…

2 days until we get the proper code.

Just got then email after clicking resend code for the third time- 45 minutes after first trying :slight_smile:

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