[RESPONDED] Dual boot windows 11 / Kali Linux

Hi There,

I bought a framework laptop 13.
I want to have a dual boot between windows 11 / Kali linux or Parrot OS but i would like to ensure that is possible. Has anyone tried it?

The second option could be : Windows 11 / Ubuntu (stable) with a Kali VM (on ubuntu).


Hi @Lux_Balder,

Thanks for your advice.

It is for my studies in cybersecurity. Personnaly I already have Kali on my windows 11 thanks to VirtualBox. I am not complitely beginner. I am going to install windows and ubuntu thanks to a flash USB.

Therefore you suggest me this option : Windows 11 / Ubuntu (VM : Kali) ?

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Hi @symbole , welcome to the forums.

just curious, why not just live usb the kali and other pen test OS?


Hi @Loell_Framework,

Thanks for your warm welcome !

Currently, i have a windows with a VM kali thanks to VirtualBox.

I just bought a framework laptop. I will start my studdies in cybersecurity from september. I already used linux and i would like use it as my main OS. However, i am a beginner pentester and already used several times Kali Linux.

This is why for me the ideal situations world have been window 11 with kali linux in dual boot.

If you have another proposition feel free to help me !


The problem with live USB is that i have to plug in it every time that i want to use kali…
if i forget the usb key it will be a problem :sweat_smile:.

The Kali Linux devs warn not to use it as a normal OS. It’s not setup for that. It’s only for when actively pen testing.

They have some really tiny USB-A flash drives that you can just leave plugged in. Like this, this, or this. Or perhaps a 250gb expansion card.

Hi @MJ1,

Thanks for your advices.

The usb live with the extansion card could be a good idea !
Do you know if it is possible to download kali on it ? The same way than with the flash USB ?

So for you : windows 11 / Ubuntu and a flash USB with kali ?


The Framework Storage Expansion cards are just usb-c ssd drives, so it should work just like any other usb drive.

If you use the Kali installer, instead of the “live” option / liveUSB, be careful when Kali asks about installing a bootloader. I’d suggest not letting it touch your main drive / internal drive.

Hi @MJ1,

Thanks for your advices.

What will you take between flash USB and expansion card ?

About the dual boot windows 11 / Ubuntu any disadvantages about this configuration ? (And I will have the bootable usb key with kali)