[RESPONDED] External keyboard on Linux(Ubuntu)

Hello Framework community, I recently switched to Linux(Ubuntu 22.04) my internal keyboard and everything works fine but my external keyboard that is a plug and play doesn’t give me access to all the keys. I just wondering if somebody have any issues (the backlight doesn’t work) when switching to Ubuntu and using an external keyboard. I have the T-Wolf, G20 keyboard.
Thanks guys!

Did some searching, looks like you may have meant T20 as I did not find anything at all on G20?

Not find much on the T20 either, outside of where to buy it.

So at this stage, I would do the following:

  • Make a list of the buttons that are not working, I can show you how to map the keys and setup a tool that can allow you to control brightness as well (using an application called “light”).

  • Check the manual (assuming it had one available), find out what their default buttons are to control the brightness.