[RESPONDED] Oscillating fans under no load

Hi not sure if this is a part of the bios or if it’s something else.

I installed arch and everything was fine. I ended up running into an sddm issue that required a reinstall of arch since I couldn’t find the errant config.

Now fans are kicking on 100% for 2 seconds and then spin down to 10-25% for another couple of seconds before going back up to 100% for a little while and then the cycle repeats.

I know fans have been a topic on here for a while but i couldn’t find any resolution so to speak and people seemed to say theirs were 100% all the time. Also they were on windows which doesn’t necessarily help in this situation.

I have installed intel video drivers as well as trying to install some fan drivers that I saw in the arch wiki but those don’t seem to help at all. If there is anything that I can provide or give to help me get this resolved please let me know!

Hi @Chuck_Blackard ,

Welcome to the community, feels like an odd behavior, Kindly file a support ticket so someone can triage your issue.

but do post your current load through top/htop


Thanks for the welcome!

I went ahead and filed a support ticket. Hopefully I will hear back soon :slight_smile: