[RESPONDED] Fedora 37 on 12th Gen - kb backlight, hibernate etc

Hey friends - excited to join the Framework community!

I’ve been a long-term Ubuntu user and made the switch to Fedora with the Framework. Almost everything is :ok_hand: out of the box (I have the DIY edition, and added 64Gb RAM and 2Tb SSD). Pretty experienced with Linux overall, looking for a few hints on things I may be missing moving to Fedora here.

A few frustrations and confusions:

  • so far as I can understand, I need to go through a fairly annoying set of steps including a custom kernel, to get hibernate to work? I’ve gotten so far with configuring swap partition and such, but I’m seeing Sleep verb "hibernate" not supported which I believe is due to secure book and so on.
  • is there any way to have the keyboard backlight switch off when the screen is locked?
  • is there a way to configure a screen hot corner for locking the screen in GNOME 43? I’m only seeing options for Activities overview (under Multitasking) in settings - any hints?

I’m also a Mac user, and one thing I was delighted about with the Framework + Fedora was that I was able to plug in my multi-monitor setup via a Caldigit TS4 hub, and have all of the attached screens and devices detected and work perfectly, minus wanting some software to configure Stream Deck and MX mouse settings and adjust the Logitech webcam, all of which I’m working on - that was excellent.

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  1. Hibernation is unsupported with secure boot
  2. You can probably make a custom hook for logind
  3. I believe it’s Just Perfection that you can change the Hot Corner behaviour

Also, if you want to configure your logitech devices, have a look at Solaar and Logiops

Echoing everything @Water261 mentioned above.

OK, so if I disable secure boot, I guess I should be good to follow that guide to get hibernation to work - thus getting better battery life over gaps between uses.

Although Just Perfection lists hot corner configuration as a feature, I’m not seeing it (GNOME 43 on Fedora 37), but I have a hot corner to lock the screen set via Custom Hot Corners Extended instead.

If anyone does build a hook to switch off the keyboard backlight when the screen is locked / machine is sleeping, I’d be happy to try it out!