[RESPONDED] Fingerprint reader configuration? (AMD)

first of all, I am running a not supported distro (tuxedos 3 with kde6 based in latest ubuntu LTS) as it is based in the latest ubuntu LTS, I have never had any issues with tuxedos 3 in my framework AMD 7040 PC.
I have never used fingerprint readers in general, but as I was installing my PC again I thought why not. I followed this guide for ubuntu Updating Fingerprint Reader Firmware on Linux for 13th Gen and AMD Ryzen 7040 Series Laptops
everything was the same as the output in the guide (with exception of instead of installing the snap, I installed it by using sudo apt install, as snaps are desactivated by default in tuxedos), even the error of the time out, so I would imagine that it is okay, no other error/warning or whatsoever,
nevertheless I am not sure how to proceed from here… to for example configure the fingerprints, or to set them for sudo or to log in into the PC. after some looking around I couldn’t find a precise answer, if anyone could point me in the right direction (I imagine that it would be the same as for kubuntu for example as it has a kde desktop environment…) I would appreciate it.

Even with the newest firmware, you need to install fprintd in order to use your fingerprint reader (sudo apt install fprintd).

Then, log out, log in, open Plasma System Settings, go to Users, and you should see an option to configure fingerprint authentication.

That’s as far as I got, on Plasma 5.27. It seems that fingerprint authentication still wasn’t completely supported yet. But according to the Arch Wiki, Plasma 6’s screen locker does have full support, and SDDM works with some configuration: SDDM - ArchWiki

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Thanks for your answer, I got the section of fingerprint in the user in settings but I am getting Open failed with error: Please update firmware using fwupd error for the moment, trying things from internet right now to check to solve this

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From the knowledge base for Ubuntu 22.04.4 and 24.04:

This is for Framework Laptop 13 configs. Framework 16 you just run the updates sans the 1e8c8470-a49c-571a-82fd-19c9fa32b8c3 identifier.

Hello Matt,
thanks for your answer, and my bad that I didn’t clarify but it is the 13 inch laptop. but it looks like after restarting the PC it works :slight_smile:
EDIT: I have successfully add 1 finger but when I try to add a second one, I do the different positions (putting the finger several times) when I finish to ‘fill’ the circle so all the positions reads are complete I get an error ‘The device was disconnected.’
EDIT2: also when I log out and try to use the finger print reader (I put my finger (the one that I successfully logged) in the fingerprint reader it does not log the computer
EDIT3: I just noticed that it says that the log in with the finger print reader is not supported right now, but that it should work for sudo commands but it is not doing anything, any ideas @Matt_Hartley ?
thanks in advance

Also hoping for a hint how to solve:
Tuxedo OS 3, freshly updated, on a Framework 16.
Installed via ‘sudo apt install fprintd’, Fingerprint successfully configured, but can’t get it to do anything, e.g. screen unlock.

If you aucced using it for something please post it here, I didn’t got the time to search more. But would love some input to make it work in something.

Friendly reminder of which distros we test against.

If you are using Fedora 39/40 or Ubuntu 22.04/24.04, please feel free to open a support ticket and we’ll take a look at what is happening.

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