[RESPONDED] F13 AMD 7040 fprintd says to update firmware, but none available

I’m trying to set up my fingerprint on my new Framework 13 (which I love so far, admittedly). I’ve got Gentoo up and running and installed fprintd but it’s telling me to update my fingerprint reader’s firmware

failed to claim device: GDBus.Error:net.reactivated.Fprint.Error.Internal: Open failed with error: Please update firmware using fwupd```

However, `fwupdmgr update` tells me

```Devices with no available firmware updates:
 • Fingerprint Sensor``` even though it did just work to update the BIOS.

Anyone have any clues as to what the issue is?

See Updating Fingerprint Reader Firmware on Linux for 13th Gen and AMD Ryzen 7040 Series Laptops

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As Nico mentioned above, we have completely revamped our guide and it should get you going.