[RESPONDED] Framework 13 12th Gen Ubuntu and Zoom

One of the reasons I moved from Ubuntu on my FW 13 was because I needed to use the laptop for Zoom to broadcast a meeting. This meant that I needed to plug a microphone into the audio jack and be able to feed that to Zoom.

I would like to move back to Ubuntu / Debian because one of the main issues I had (specific to me) have evaporated, but this is something I would rather know about before nuking the machine again.

Have any of you needed to use Zoom and work with the audio jack?

Can’t help with your question, but…

Framework 13 23th Gen Ubuntu and Zoom

Future-man, dude, could I maybe get some lottery numbers? :moneybag:

And tell us, what fabulous things has Framework done in the last 10 years?! Could we get pictures of your 23rd Gen Framework 13? :star_struck:


hahaha, amazing what typos you miss when you are going fast. Good catch!

Guess this one will need to percolate a bit more.


My SO often uses Zoom on her 11th gen machine running Fedora, but purely on the browser (Firefox) with this extension to avoid it bugging for app installation:

It works well with wired headphones. No mic on that set so built-in mic used in this scenario.

edit: Built-in camera also works well, as does screensharing (thank you WebRTC!)

This is a solid contribution, thanks for the share. :slight_smile: