[RESPONDED] HDMI Expansion troubles with Mint 21.3

Hello. I am having trouble with an HDMI expansion card. I have Mint 21.3 and kernel 6.5.0-14-generic.

When plugging the HDMI cable, the external display will light up, as if it was detecting something, but then I will go back to energy saving mode, and that’s all.

I also tried installing a DisplayLink driver, but after enrolling a BIOS password, as per the instructions, the computer no longer booted, and had to resort to TimeShift to revert it.

I am not familiar with xrandr and how it works. I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to debug this, or get a clue on what the issue could be.


The hmdi expansion card doesn’t use displaylink

Hi @Catalina , welcome to Framework Community :slight_smile:

Can we first try to rule out if there’s problem with the expansion card by trying Ubuntu 22.04.3 live? see if external display will work?

cheers! :slight_smile: