[RESPONDED] High battery draw in Ubuntu

I have an 11th gen 1165g7 Framework 13 that I just installed Ubuntu 22.04 on a few days ago. I have noticed that it’s battery life is quite bad, even compared to Windows 10. I followed the guide on how to fix the battery usage using TLP, but that hasn’t helped. I read that idle usage should be around 2-3 watts, but Power Statistics is reporting 5-6 watts without any programs open. I don’t know what to do because I’m having to plug it in twice a day.

Hi @dat_long_boi , welcome back to the forums :slight_smile:

may we know you expansion cards that’s currently being attached?

I have a 1tb expansion card, but it was not plugged in while I was testing the battery usage. When I plug it in, it draws about an extra 2 watts, and heats up quite a bit, even when not in use.

DId you follow all of the giude’s instructions about the OEM kernel and power managerment modifications?

Yes. I reinstalled Ubuntu and redid the guide. I haven’t done any real testing, but it seems to be better now.