[RESPONDED] Linux: Battery Thermal

I bought a refurbished framework 13 Intel 13th gen from the outlet store on the site. It came with the framework adapter. I’ve noticed a couple of issues that I think are related to the battery but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue. I’ll put my laptop in either shutdown/sleep/hibernation and when I go to power it back up on battery power, the light will flash once and then go dark. I have to plug it in and then it will boot and the battery shows it has at least 50% charge. Today when I went to power on my laptop after it sat shut down overnight the battery was completely dead. I had to plug it in to get it to boot and the battery said 0%. Its now charging very fast and says from 0% to full charge is about 1 hour. The battery also is getting rather warm through the case, not warm enough that I’m worried about a short, but certainly warmer than any other laptop I’ve had. The fan has not kicked it on as far as I know. I did go through the steps on the Ubuntu Battery tuning page and have TLP configured to their recommendations but its still doing it. The warmth is more concerning to me so I wanted to check if anyone else has this issue.

-Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS - KDE Plasma Desktop
-Framework 13 Intel 13th Gen i5
-32gb 2666 in 2 SODIMMS
-1tb SiliconPower NVME Gen3x4

Welcome to the community, please open a support ticket linking to this thread.