[RESPONDED] Intel 12th gen getting SUPER HOT on lid closed

Under ubuntu 22.04 OEM recomaended kernel, I got 4 times in two year the laptop burning hot when closing the lid!
Yesterday I was at an afterwork, as usual I never switch off my laptop I just close the lid.
After laying 3 hours in my bag I noticed it was super hot, the all metalic frame is almost untouchable !
It was still working, and when openning the fan started I think, unsure if it was running before… while the lid is closed…

Then my computer started to be very slow the next day… Even in the BIOS !
I rebooted several times
I removed the crucial 8GB extra ram…tadam it worked again…
I re inserted the 8GB ram extra and it came back to its original speed!

SInce I had it first time, I started to use the power button to switsh it in standy BEFORE closing the lide.
This time I was un a hurry and just closed the lid (like I would do with my thinkpad) and I think this does the problem

Is Manually pressing suspend on menu, triggers same behavior?

can we check ram info?

sudo dmidecode --type 17 | more

also can we check current sleep capabilities?

cat /sys/power/mem_sleep