Laptop warm after shut down in case

I don’t usually shut down my laptop because its usually at home. I took it somewhere with lid closed and it was really quite hot when I took it out of the bag 3 hours later. I tried shutting it down and it was oddly warm when removing a few hours later. Is there some setting in the bios or Windows 11 that when I shut this thing down, its actually shut down?

Does the power light on the fingerprint reader go out when you shut the system down?

What are your power management settings for closing the lid when on battery power, and when on AC power?

The laptop being oddly warm after a shutdown may be because it was not able to cool while in your laptop bag, especially since the bag was preheated when the system was running with the lid closed.

Try closing the lid a few times and see if the laptop continues to get warm or goes into sleep mode, there may be a issue with the laptop not going to sleep properly when you close the lid.

There may be an ACPI hiccup with Windows 11. You may need to install the beta drivers for the Framework, and update your BIOS.

Windows can and does sometimes wake up and do work during Modern Standby. If you’re not on the latest BIOS version, you should make sure to update. In early firmware, we turned the fan off in standby, but changed that to allow the fan to come on due to the level of activity we saw occur in standby. If the system is in a bag though without airflow possible, that wouldn’t help.