[RESPONDED] Intel 13th Gen: first impressions?

Just received my 13 Gen 1360 and I’m looking forward to replacing my 11th Gen i5 mainboard. I know just about everyone has gone crazy for the Ryzen upgrade, but Framework users who upgraded to 13th Gen already - what are your impressions so far?


I started with Ubuntu 23.04 and things went smooth. The only concerns I had is that it seemed run hot on my lap enough to burn my thigh and the brightness keys didn’t work until I followed another post in the support section.

I switched to a clean install of Windows 11 and applied the driver pack. Again I had no issues and things went smooth. Only concern this time is my Sennheiser bluetooth headset consistently gets static feedback when watching Youtube videos or listening to music. The heat issue is gone as temperatures are much more inline with expectations.

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Are you running the latest bluetooth driver from Intel?


Thanks, that did the trick!


I had some trouble with pop!OS losing its drives when I first restarted after the mobo upgrade, but a live USB fix to the system worked great. I did have to reinstall an application (may be more that I haven’t noticed yet) which I found odd.

Also, now that it’s night time here, I’m finding that my function keys work differently than before. Namely, the brightness controls don’t seem to work at all through the fn keys. I usually use fn lock, so my F-keys are true F-keys, but either way, the screen brightness controls don’t work now. I haven’t yet done any real troubleshooting, but will do so soon.

Otherwise, things seem to work OK. I’m not doing a ton of intense stuff, but I have noticed a bit of speed uptick.

Edit to add: I just noticed that there’s already a fix for the brightness keys, which I will go immediately and read. :slight_smile:

@Mike_L - Could you please link to the post that helped you fix the brightness issue? I see a lot of fn keys sticking issues, but none of them seem to be the same thing I’m seeing. Many thanks in advance.

@N.P I believe the post he’s talking about is this one: [RESPONDED] Ubuntu 22 brightness keys not working - #25 by Matt_Hartley

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Thanks! I’ll check that out.

I followed the specifically in this message: [RESPONDED] Ubuntu 22 brightness keys not working - #7 by Matt_Hartley

Replied in the other thread to your question.

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What to hell? Am I the only one who has a lot of problems with the 13th gen?
In my case (I did all the testing on KDE Neon and then confirmed on Ubuntu Live):

1.) Battery life is terrible: 2~3 hours of use, ~4h on idle. (I redid all the powertop tlp stuff twice.)
2.) After one sleep cycle device doesn’t go to sleep again.
3.) One of the motherboard sensors goes to more than 90 degrees if the device is charging and the CPU is loaded.
4.) BIOS Menu causes power virus.

Can confirm that I’ve had trouble with these two problems. My power draw is a basically constant 10w or higher, even in a console and gdm killed power was above 6w.

I also noticed that the CPU under load gets very hot, and the board continues to get hot as well.

I’ve documented both of these issues elsewhere on this forum, links below.

[GUIDE] Linux battery life tuning - #360 by gido5731 (power)
Overheating framework 13 - #6 by gido5731 (thermals)