Core Ultra 7 - Preorder Decisions/Daydreaming

I was pretty happy to see the new 13" Intel variants announced today. I’m going to upgrade my 12th Gen i5 Intel Framework 13 to a Ultra 7 155H." The old main board will become my new home server. At this point, I’ll plan to leave the display and webcam alone, but I am excited to see it’s all still compatible.

What are others planning? I’ll probably also pick up one of the larger batteries from last years refresh.

I’m finally gonna order my first Framework, I was worried about the talks of a new product because I was hoping they’d upgrade the screen on the 13 before focusing elsewhere. The new AMD config and the Intel chips are fantastic! It’s a very tough decision which to choose but its nice to see Intel offer some great mobile chips again


I placed an order just now, for the DIY without SSD and RAM. Coming from the 11th gen.

I calculated that if I were to get a new lid, panel, hinges, new board, plus time to disassemble / assemble…I might as well just get a whole laptop and sell off the old unit.


Congrats on deciding to pick one up! They are all good options at this point. I’m probably going to be jealous of everyone getting the new screen :slight_smile:

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Once the orders open here in finland (can’t wait) I’ll prder a 13".

Although not yet sure if its the new Intel or the older AMD one.

They seem to be pretty on par regardin performance. The battery life/heat etc on the new Intel remains a little mystery before reviews are available (whenever that might be)

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