[RESPONDED] Maybe there is a battery life boost for 12/13th model in near future

I have preordered the 13th 1340p batch one model and going to working on Ubuntu.

Since I have not experienced with the intel 12th/13th big.little architecture.

Before the shipping started I am going to do some research on tuning the laptop and found something interesting about battery life.

You will see an engineer in Intel named Ricardo Neri is working on bring Intel Thread Director to linux kernel.

and this user has test the patch with custom kernel and got almost doubled battery life that is awesome.

for now it has some issue may cause unable to wake up after hibernation in the following response.

if someone want to have a try to boost the battery life, this patch maybe a good choice.


Welcome to the community! Just a reminder, this is best for those who completely understand the risks:

I’ve removed the patches again due to the suspend/resume issues reported in #1120.

Advanced users are encouraged to explore, newer Linux user are urged to wait.