[RESPONDED] Linux Kernel 6.1.X test with 12th gen intel

I have been testing several kernel on my 12th gen intel FW.
Ubuntu HWE 5.19 still very disapointing
Same with 6.0.

I am running for 24H the 6.1.27-060127-generic from ubuntu and I have no complain for now.
Especially those issues that would come after few minutes of usage are gone :

  1. freezing didn t appear
  2. Fan is NOT running crazy like with other new kernels
  3. the graphic clitch seems gone totally

Bottom line for now it seems as stable as 5.15 kernel shiped with my ubuntu 22.04.
Will continue using it and post a definitive test in a week.
Especially I will test more advanced stuf like OBS video recording

5.19 testing : [SOLVED] Ubuntu 22.04.2 with Kernel 5.19 => fan noise issues at low load - #17

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For those other community memebers visiting this thread: we tested and dogfood (live on) the results of these guides.

@Iann_C Absolutely use the kernel that is giving you the best results for OBS, as we have discussed previously. Nothing wrong with 5.15, it’s a good kernel if that is where you’re seeing the best results.

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Just adding, unless you have specific features that’s only available at 6.1 listed Here, then it’s fine to stay at 5.15 kernel for awhile, until 6.1 issues on your end gets resolved later on. :slight_smile:

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Indulge me while I add some anecdotal noise that some readers might find useful.

For my particular configuration I have found 6.1 to be more robust than 5.15 to the point where I use the Ubuntu 6.1.*-oem as my daily driver. With the possible exception of the EXT4 fixes, I have no need for features specific to 6.1.

I use a DIY 12th Gen i7-1260P / 32GB / 512GB with Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.1. I have it set up with FDE+LVM2 and use a separate encrypted microSDXC card for online backups.

With the default Linux Mint 5.15 kernels the SDXC card occasionally disappears from the device tree while the machine is running. This has not yet happened with a 6.1 OEM kernel.

I concede that my choice of 6.1 is based more on superstition than science however I have neither the time nor the patience to diagnose an infrequent fault that has no identified trigger.


edit: fix typo

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I have updated the Install Guide for Mint to reflect similar (before even seeing this post - great timing).

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My hope in this kernel hunt was to get half an hour battery life more as demonstrated on Phoronix.

Here is my report after 7 days of running 6.1 kernelt from mainline on Ubuntu 22.04 (shiped with 5.15)
It worked perfectely for 3 days…
Then I did a ubuntu update, there was nothing special I could remember in the list. At least no kernel related update. And then the graphical glitch I had with 5.19 came again. Those glitches looks very similar, from the top of the screen mostely; a white banner comming from the top, that move the current window to the bottom.
Then it freezes for 1 second and come back to normal for about 1 min.

So I tried to change this time the window compositor, COmpiz, Marco , didn t change anything.

I did another ubuntu update yesterday that update a VAAPI intel package, but didn t change anything.

Bottomline after testing kernels this past 12 month, none of them seems to work perfectely on my ubuntu MATE 22.04 except the original 5.15.

It happen to work one time for 3 days straight, and a soft update on other component of my system breaks it…
This means that on my specific Ubuntu distribution some other software part than the kernel cause those glitches (I have tried other window manager smae thing).
So it is a matter of the global software stack to mature at least on Ubuntu mate 22.04.

Hi @Iann_C , maybe we could take a look at / var/log/dpkg.log and see what was being updated recently cc @Loell_Framework (Added a space between / and var due to a forum challenge we’re working on)

Tried 6.1.0- OEM recommended on framework install guide for 1 week :
lots of laggs with Chrome and firedox working from Snap containers. High CPU and memory leaks would slow donw the computer to hell every 30 minutes when working.
I am not especially nice with the workload : OBS video recording while encoding videos and browsing the web in 10 tabs :smiley: Good stress test!

I really had to switsh to a newer kernel to make my Jlab talk pro Usb c microphone work.

Latest kernel 6.1.0-1013-oem seems much better and had no slow down for 4 hours work. let see.

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Hi @Iann_C , interesting observation on kernel 6.1.0-1013-oem, let us know if it worked for you during extensive use. thanks.

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Hi @Loell_Framework ,
Happy user of kernel 6.1 on intel 12th gen for more than a month now !
It really is the best kernel I have been using, I have no complain at all.
It was a little less stable on chrome in the first weeks, but after the last kernel and chrome update I have a fully working Ubuntu 22.04 Framework laptop.
I have been doing OBS recording with two cameras, and two usb c microphones and no problem at all. The internal camera is still making problems in OBS and I have to set it to 640x480 which is a shame… its very close to perfection, but not yet :smiley:

I am looking forward to the BIOS update of 12th gen in hope it will give me a little more battery life . Like those 30min more would be perfect :wink: and maybe get this internal camera to work without laging in 1080P with OBS

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Hi @Iann_C ,

delighted to know! thanks for getting back,
btw, curious about your current kernel parameters, would you be able to share?

sudo dmesg | grep "Command line"


@Loell_Framework is still helping with this one. But regarding the internal camera, this is what I recommend - please note the highlighted area.

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