[RESPONDED] Has anyone noticed this too? (Intel 12th Gen Arch Linux)

Every since I upgraded my system to kernel version 6.5.9 and KDE Plasma to 5.27.9, I have experienced better battery life, less fan noise and overall much better efficiency on my Framework device. Has anyone else experienced this?

Makes sense. Intel’s Thread Director for non hetero cpus got merged. That’s why we recommend going for a newer kernel on 12th gen and above.

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Where did you find the news on that? @Shiroudan

It was pretty big news when 12th Gen first dropped from Intel.
12th needed specific support in the Kernel for task scheduling (e.g directing smaller tasks to E-Cores). I forget which Kernel it got merged, but it sounds like what you’re experiencing are happy symptoms of that :).

I was just on kernel version 6.5.8 so there must have been a recent change but I couldn’t find anything.

Newer kernels are doing some amazing things these days. Nothing to add, just my observation.