[SOLVED] Ubuntu 22.04.2 with Kernel 5.19 => fan noise issues at low load

I am using my framework laptop 12th gen for 6 monthes.
I am very happy with it.
Wanted to update on my short experience with the latest Ubuntu release.
Kernel 5.15 was a falling short with intel 12th gen multi cores.

After 24 Hours I post a first preview : things work great for now !
I will update later of course. First remarks :

  • OBS studio works like a charm with my logitech and rode microphone.
  • Integrated webcam still is not usable because it lags . There is a fix apparentely using FW kernel 5.17, but I just want to use the mainline LTS stufs to avoid tinkering all the time.
  • Suspend time this night works correctely and I did not had any battery drain or such. I will confirme if the battery live improves from the ~5 hours working usage I get. Normally it should improve arround 20%…I am looking forward to that 1h hour more !
  • Fan is Kicking in much more often. Where it was silent most of the time before. Wich is not a good indication for battery life expectations…

HOW TO activate :
By default updating will leave you on kernel 5.15.
You need yto insstall the Hardware Enablement Stack to get the kernel from the ubuntu 22.10. I was missing this tips , so I give it to you :slight_smile:

sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-22.04

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I have noticed the increased fan use as well. To me the thermal settings just changed and the fan is being activated at a lower package temp.

I didn’t notice any issue with my webcam, but can’t remember if I have done any video conferencing since moving to 5.19.

Hibernation and Suspend both have continued working well. All in all my LTS experience has been exactly what I’ve come to expect from LTS. :+1:

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I can confirme the fan is running much more…its really anoying…I am going to stay on 5.15 juste because of the fan noise.
Do you have an idea how to change this “thermal settings” to get back my silent laptop :smiley:

I could hear the fan noise just after rebooting the PC with 5.19. I thought it was just a one time, but it kicking in all the time…when on OBS for example. I don t remember having this on the mainline krnel I tried before…

juste update to the new kernel that apeared over night "5.19.0-35-generic
", and now:

  1. My integrated camera works for the first time !
  2. The fan is still kicking in very loud when doing demanding recording in OBS. Htop indicates “170% cpu” on the biggest OBS thread encoding a video, when it indicates something around 80% on 5.15…

had a little glitch where the video on a streaming site stopped showing…but the sound was still going…

Tried just launching OBS sitting, it says only 50% cpu and the fan is very audible :

After 3 minutes sitting there with OBS the fan ramps up and up until its VERY anoying…more than when I was plasying a video game like metal gear V on 5.15!

=> 5.19 still needs a lot of improvement to be usable for my usecase at least.

Glad you’re making progress here. These are our recommended settings for 12th gen.

Kernel: Not the generic kernel, although, you have things working with 5.19 generic. linux-oem-22.04 does provide the older 5.17…however, linux-oem-22.04b provides the 6.0.0 kernel and linux-oem-22.04c provides 6.1.0.

If you’re doing well with your existing kernel, then I’d stick with what is working for you. But we test and support the OEM kernel as these are recommended.

Webcam: If your webcam is lagging, something is wrong. It should work great, please follow this guide. The part you’ll want to use is with guvcview and making sure you’re using Video controls, Camera Output MJPG - other settings will make your video wonky.

OBS: As a former podcaster/video show co-host, I get it - noise is not awesome. And the fans kicking on can be a massive headache. On the flipside, I would point out that they’re doing their job. What we as end users see as a simple open application, may be creating enough heat to kick the fans on. I used to see queries about this with 12th gen laptops at my previous employer (also Linux) - this is by design.

In OBS, you can play with audio filters that come with the software that can help a bit. While my own mics/mixer are in storage at the moment, I can say that I’ve had pretty good success with the Noise Gate filter in OBS. And more recently the inclusion of a Noise Suppression filter (Speex) can also help.

Good news is, kernels are constantly updating and evolving. I am testing 6.2 on Fedora (beta) and it’s looking really good.

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Thks for your answer.
What I am seeing with OBS on the 5.19 is twice the CPU usage for the same task from 80% using 5.15 to a whopping 170% with 5.19

Webcam MJPEG gives terrible results, the image looses all the light. I have switched to a logitech for some weeks now. Not spending more time with integrated one

kernel : I just checked what are OEM kernels… and it looks quite good… my understanding is that “linux-generic-hwe-22.04” should be more stable…
Definitely staying on 5.15 and will test when there are updates on 5.19.
I suppose that 5.19 will improve.
Again my only reason to switch kernel is to squeeze the 1 hour battery longer that has been mentionned on phoronix I beleive

Yes I am using rnoise too, and don t hear the fans in the recording. It s just for my own hears :slight_smile:

Something may be wrong with settings, cable connection or most likely, lighting. This assumes you’re testing the webcam as close to uvc driver as possible using guvcview, OBS comes later once we dial the camera in and know it’s not having issues.

Both Motion JPEG and BGR3 (emulated) both works solid on OBS.

OBS v4l2 settings - image 1

I’d definitely love to see your settings in OBS for this result. It will darken a tiny bit, but nothing like you’re describing.

OBS v4l2 settings - image 2, scrolled down

There are a lot of settings that put you firmly in the drivers seat for a great image.

I do use my Brio a lot strictly due to placement, but both my Brio and laptop camera look fantastic…when the settings are adjusted correctly.

If you’re happy with your Logitech, no problem. I do want others visiting here to know that settings make a difference you must make sure your settings are correct.

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This is a great question. Answer is it depends. I would use the kernel you’re having the best experience with. That said, we test with, use and recommend the OEM kernel(s) for 22.04.

But please use the kernel you’re finding provides you with the outcome you’re looking for. On all of my Framework laptops using 22.04. I run the oem kernel and have found it to be the best overall experience for my usage and testing.

This is tough. I get it, I do. Fan noise is a tricky thing when working with a laptop and producing video. Fans will be a factor for sure as it needs to keep a things cool.

Something I used to do (eons ago), was to use a cooling pad powered by USB. It was much quieter than the fans I had with my old Dell at the time. And, it was cheap. The cooling pad did a lot to keep my fans inside the laptop from being as likely to kick on.

Now, I have not tested this with Framework, but if it helps keeping things cooler by drawing out heat, it “could” help.

just installed OEM 6.1
Like 5.19 just after booting I hear the Fan already ramping up unusually from what I have with 5.15

Then just having OBS started and sitting there maintain the fan run lound (not crazy lound) but much more than on 5.15 . WIth no reason it is only 40% CPU .
I am removing this 6.1 and will keep the 5.19 to see if it improves from time to time…

One thing that I did differently. I did not use a snap package. I used the official PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio
sudo apt update
sudo apt install obs-studio

But please do use the kernel that gives you the best experience. But yeah, I would absolutely try not using the snap to see if it runs a little lighter.

hi @Matt_Hartley
Thks, I am now using ubuntu OBS snap without a probleme.

Just update to latest kernel Ubuntu HWE 5.19 today and it even worse than previous 5.19 with intel 12th gen. I have still high fan and now freezes and graphical glitched just using chrome !

Back to default 5.15

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Good to hear it’s working for you. 5.15 is LTS, so you can use it for a long time to come no problem.

Graphical freezing is a known issue on this kernel with 12th gen.
I don t recommand using it. 5.19 is not usable in its current state with 12th gen and Ubuntu.


I’ve just installed HWE package with kernel 5.19 and noticed that core frequencies are now acting very strange.

Before the update core frequencies more or less correlated with the computation and thermal load of the core. But now, underutilized cores very often stick to 2.5 GHz even under 0% load. It can be seen on the frequency graph as a dominant horizontal line.

Is this a bug or a feature?

UPD: Rolled back to 5.15 and everything seem fine now.

Thanks for the information. This explains why the fan is running like hell, while doing Nothing on my computer on 5.19 !

I don t see the bug reported on ubuntu 5.19… you might want to report it here ?


On Ubuntu with the latest ubuntu supported 5.19.0-40-generic

  • Its better than befor but still HUGE freezes.
    WHen I close the lid it idles the laptop and when I open it I can use it for 30 min before next freez with 10 tabs in chrome.
  • the Fan is now as quite as with kenrel 5.15; no more crazyness

I think we are close to it, maybe in next kernel ubuntu will fixe the last graphic freezes

On Ubuntu with the latest ubuntu supported 5.19.0-40-generic
Its better than befor but still HUGE freezes.
WHen I close the lid it idles the laptop and when I open it I can use it for 30 min before bext freez with 10 tabs in chrome.

No crossposting please. It makes issues harder to track since the information is in multiple threads.

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Sounds like you’re on Ubuntu 22.10 (not the LTS?)

Let’s try going to Suspend from the power menu in the upper right, does this still happen? Trying to determine if it’s not going into a proper suspend.