[RESPONDED] Linux Mint - Can't install - Blue screen, secure boot violation?

I currently dual boot windows and ubuntu.

I’ve wiped ubuntu and grub so it’s effectively a windows only machine now. I want to give Linux mint a go, however I just cannot get it to install.

I disabled bitlocker on my laptop.

Now I keep getting secure boot violations when I plug the boot media in that I can’t seem to get past. Should I be disabling secure boot?

Any help would be great.

How did you flash the Mint install USB? If you flashed it directly using a tool like Rufus or Balena Etcher, it should work just fine under secure boot, so you should confirm that it’s booting properly with the F3 boot menu.

In my experience, other tools like Ventoy to get multiple isos on one disk haven’t worked with secure boot.

Mint itself will also work with secure boot, although don’t try to enable hibernate, it’ll break your sleep verbs.

I did rufus and etcher. in the end I disabled secure boot and then re-enabled it after.

Be careful with codecs, I know Mint has the option to install codecs compatible with secure boot if you have it enabled when you boot the install disk. If you run into video issues that might be the culprit.

Has this been resolved for you?