[RESPONDED] loading fedora 39

new computer, new user
trying to install fedora 39

  1. successfully download to usb
  2. restart computer with limpus as directed
  3. starts to load but then stops (shows code)
    4)this has happened with two usb’s
    5)when i go and look at the drives it shows both d drive and e drive. There is only one slot and only 1 drive
  4. if I try to rewrite usb with a duplicate program it tells me is is now write protected.

You don’t download to USB.
You download, then install the image onto a USB.
Check details: Fedora 39 Installation on the Framework Laptop 16 - Framework Guides

If you want some help, we need some logs, screenshots etc.


I’ve had issues with lupus booting a fedora iso. I’ve seen it work but not consistently. Also when you install lupus it makes 2 partitions one for lupus itself, this is the one you should boot from, and one for iso files.

Assuming you have a Windows computer to start the process. You can use a tool called Rufus to prepare your usb stick for installation.

The process at a high level works like this:

  1. Go to the Fedora website and click download. This will pull down a .iso file. This file is a direct “image” of the operating system, similar to what you’d get on a cd.

  2. Open Rufus, point it to your usb drive (Warning: this will wipe the drive, make sure you backup the usb’s contents), and point it to the .iso file you downloaded for Fedora.

  3. When Rufus is finished, eject the drive, you now have a Fedora Installer Usb!

  4. Put the usb into whichever computer you want to use and turn off the computer. When you turn on the computer, press the button to enter the bios (traditionally f2), or press the button to enter the boot menu (traditionally f12).
    Generally you will see the Fedora usb drive as a boot option. When you boot you’ll start up Fedora on the usb drive and it’ll open the default installer window.

  5. Follow through the installer, Fedora admittedly doesn’t have the most intuitive installer but it will guide you through the setup. (Warning: If you’re using the installer on an existing computer, it will wipe your existing data unless you follow a special process to preserve the data).

  6. When finished, reboot and enjoy!

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