[RESPONDED] Won't boot! LED blinks out code 4, 9, 10

  • OS: Ubuntu Linux
  • Which generation: I have no idea. I bought it in February 2022.

Hey all! I purchased my Framework DIY less than 2 years ago and recently while online shopping, it suddenly powered off and became a vegetable.

When I try to power it on, the light around the power button responds, then turns off, and the led light on the charging port blinks out a code with green and red lights. By reading this article, I have been able to understand what the code means, but not how to act on it:

The following failed:

  • 4: CPU deassert sleep s4
  • 9: Fan detected and spins up
  • 10: CPU reached S0 state

I followed the guide to fully reset the mainboard, but it made no difference. The same thing happened when I tried to power on the laptop again.

I may need a replacement battery, but I have heard nothing from Framework support since filing my issue at the end of November-- just the automated acknowledgement.

Does anybody have any advice I can take in the meantime while I try to keep hope alive that Framework will reach out to me?

Hi @Ned_Redmond, welcome to the community!

I noted your ticket that you have reached out. With the current support load, and the weekend, this doesn’t look to be missed. I have verified your ticket is open and will be attended to as our small team works through the queue. Appreciate your patience.

I suspect you may indeed, need a replacement battery. Best advice, do not reply to the ticket (slows things down). We have it and will be getting to it asap. Again, appreciate your patience with this.