[RESPONDED] Power on (off/hibernation, not sleep) via USB?

I haven’t been able to get my Fw 13 11th gen to power on / wake from hibernation via any sort of USB trigger, is that something the BIOS just doesn’t support?

I use it closed & docked at my desk, so makes it annoying to turn on there, and sometimes is enough friction that I don’t.

Interesting idea. Nothing something I have looked into (time being a big factor), but it’s an interesting idea.

To be frank that comes across like a content-less reply just so you can change the title to say ‘[RESPONDED]’ and make it look like it’s not a problem, so nobody else potentially helps, and the thread dies here.

The [RESPONDED] tag means exactly the opposite – that the Framework team has seen the thread and received the feedback. It does not deter the community from chiming in. Your change has been reverted. Do not modify tags added by staff.

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Silly system.

I really don’t think that’s the intent. And it does not seem to cause others to avoid a thread. I’m here because I wanted to see what they said.

Others have requested what you want. Couple threads, Feature Request: Wake from USB support in BIOS, Remote power on options (docks etc.). It seems to go by a few names, “Wake on USB” is one I see. MSI calls it “Resume by USB Device” us.msi.com/faq/7465

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Thanks, that’s helpful - I’d overlooked the power detection, that might be a suitable workaround. (I’d just need to figure out if I can have it turn off again after some timeout of nothing being entered at the FDE password prompt, in case I ever absent-mindedly (or wanted to deliberately for that matter) plugged it in to charge without intending to use it.)

‘Wake on USB’ to me means from sleep - and that much does work. It’s when it’s powered off or hibernated (same thing apart from the image) - or according to one of your links (and I think it makes sense) when the USB device is connected after inducing sleep - that it doesn’t.