Support Question and DIY Purchase

Hello, I’m new to the community and have been saving up for the device. Sorry if this post is wrong or if any of my questions come across a stupid. Mostly I’m just trying to find the lay of the land.

I went to purchase a Framework 13 DIY and found the keyboard I need out of stock. I contacted support to hopefully get some indication of when the part would be back in stock and why the part was available elsewhere and for different configurations. As is typical, I found the answer to the second part after I submitted the ticket.

My remaining questions are:

  • What is the typical response time for support and is there anywhere that provides info on issues affecting response time? (More for future reference)

  • What is the typical timeframe for parts to be restocked?

Any guidance is appreciated?

Typical response times for Support is usually 1 business day however, during product launches, given that Support usually has more tickets concerning orders, it may take them a little longer to respond. Response times were longer during the Framework 13 AMD launch as they were flooded with tickets. You’ll be able to find info about support times on the community forum and reddit under a “Status of Support” post followed by the date. Usually, this is only posted around different holidays or times when Support is dealing with a heavy volume.

This is difficult to answer as Framework does not release this info. However, Framework generally has kept most things in stock. If you need something and it’s out of stock, you should contact Support and see if they can help you.

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Thanks for the response @TheTRUEAsian, hopefully I’ll get a reply from support and see if they can help with the part or something. It will have been 2 business days so maybe they’ll contact me by the end of the week. By the way, love the username although I know a few people who would argue with you. Unfortunately for them they’ll get the _number suffix if they sign up now lol.

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Update: Support responded today so that should give an indication for future readers of response times. Pretty good considering Thanksgiving is coming up (I think support is based in the US) and I think they are busy with FW16 batches and FW13 AMD pre-orders. Very polite support and very quick in responding to additional questions.

Unfortunately they had no options for the keyboard issue apart from to order with another keyboard config and wait for it to be back in stock, then order an input kit (although haven’t seen them in the marketplace).

They had no timeframe for when the keyboard would be back in stock for the DIY config. Considering the UK power pack has been out of stock on the DIY config (almost 2 months I think), I am going to have to be very patient :joy:

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