[RESPONDED] Scaling issues on Ubuntu 23.04

I have some scaling issues on my Framework 13: in the default settings (resolution 2256 x 1504 (3:2); scale 100%), everything appears tiny.

I’ve had to use it at scale 200%, but the startup screen remains at 100% and therefore appears tiny.

Any idea where this comes from?

I never liked the scaling options used in Ubuntu for HiDPI screens.
I tend to leave it to 100% and adapt the fonts and let legacy applications adapt scaling themselves (X-Windows).
On the fonts side, I force DPI to 144 and set font size to 12 for my 32" 4K screen.
And I tell the browsers to adapt their own scaling - which provides a better (sharp) result for me.

I know it is not optimal, but that works fine for me on my calibrated 4K screen (External screen).
I use the DPI / PPI calculator to get the main details because the PPI changes with the physical size and the resolution of the screen.

May need to try KDE in this instance. GNOME scaling is a working progress. I’m usually at 150% myself.