[RESPONDED] Screen issues on Fedora

IDK if you’ve contacted support, but there’s been a lot of back and forth on my end to get this resolved, and the experience hasn’t exactly been smooth, so FWIW, here’s a list of things they asked me to do, and provide pictures/video of:

  1. Video of the display, showing the problem
  2. Use an external monitor, see if the issue persists
  3. Enter in to the BIOS, see if the issue persists
  4. Take pictures of the display without the bezel, pictures of the motherboard, too. Remove the display cable, and take pictures showing the pins of the connector + receptacle.
  5. Take pictures of the unit from the top, and sides. 2 of the front, one with the display open, one with the display closed. Put a ruler/level on top where possible (probably to check for damage)
  6. Take a picture of the screen in BIOS, showing the serial number etc…
  7. Remove RAM sticks, boot with a single stick in SODIMM 0, try with both sticks, see if the issue persists
  8. Take pictures of the SODIMM’s, make sure to focus on the pins (obviously, when the sticks are removed)

Odds are I’m forgetting some things, but this took about 10 emails back and forth before I’d gone through all diagnostic/triage steps. Instead of having to open up your unit over and over again, to provide yet another picture, I figured it’d be useful to have all of the things you’ll need to do listed in one place. I mean: if you’re asked to take pictures of the motherboard, you might as well take pictures of the SODIMMs, and remove a RAM stick…

Hi @EVODelavega,

Sorry to hear your support experience wasn’t smooth, we are always on the lookout for procedural and process improvements and your feedback is duly noted.

“not smooth” is putting it mildly. I’ve since received a new display kit, and swapping it out resolved the problem. On that front, I’m good.

In the process, making sure to use the included tool, because I’ve had to open/close the unit more times than I care to mention (something that I wouldn’t have had to do if the process was better defined), one of the screws ended up stripped (as did the T-5 head of the included tool). When I mentioned that, once again providing the requested pictures, stating that, despite making sure to use the included tool, and that this was at least in part due to my having to open/close the unit way more than necessary, it’s deemed “Customer Induced Damage”. This still makes my blood boil, frankly.

I’ve been dealing with this issue for months, did everything I was asked to do, and even though it is obvious that the process needs, let’s say, “refinement”, the damage resulting from a broken process is squarely my fault? This thread will soon be 4 months old, that’s how long this whole ordeal has been going on, from my perspective. A bag of screws doesn’t cost an awful lot, but that’s an argument that holds true for both parties.

After 3 months, being blamed for something that would’ve never been an issue but for a defective display and a defective support procedure just feels like a low blow, and is totally unacceptable.