[RESPONDED] Serious overheating issues

OS: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS and Windows 11
12th Gen | intel i5-1240p

So, I’ve been using my laptop extensively for a few months now. I initially purchased it for university purposes but also hoped to play games on it. While the performance is consistently great for all the games I’ve tried, a persistent issue occurs after approximately 5 minutes of gaming: the laptop freezes completely. This happens every time, causing me to worry about potential damage to the system.

It’s worth noting that this freezing problem occurs regardless of whether I’m using Windows 11 or Ubuntu (my current operating system). When the freeze happens, the computer locks up, the audio gets stuck in a loop, the mouse and keyboard become unresponsive, and the fans start running at high speed.

What temperatures are you seeing? Just idle and then under load.

A thermal paste pump out issue has been mentioned in some threads but I believe it only affected a tiny number of early units (11th Gen intel). Known issues on early Framework Laptops. Also see CPU running at hot temps?

Echoing everything MJ1 asked.

It’s also entirely possible the game itself is the trigger for the event. Are you able to look into the logs at all to see what might be going on?

Immediately after the crash, reboot and then paste this into a terminal:

journalctl --since "15 minutes ago" | less

Arrow up and down and see if anything jumps out where the crash took place.