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I saw this the other day and realized that the framework 16 qualifies technically:

In the fine print it states that it is OEM based and that some OEMs may not be doing so.

Any chance that framework will be a part of this promotion for the framework 16?

Just hope it’s better the Starfield :slight_smile: Played 40 hours - and TBH - boring in the end.

Starfield was a L for Bethesda unfortunately.


I recognize that starfield is a disappointment, and that it is objectively bad both compared to contemporary RPGs and action games, as well as previous bethesda games, but I enjoyed it so much. I spent 200+ hours optimizing my settlement production network like it was an off brand factorio clone, and had a lot of fun doing it. Really glad I got to have that experience before I realized how shallow and unfun the rest of the game was compared to previous bethesda games lol.

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Those who want to see what a “recent” game/graphics engine can and should be doing, check out the Squadron 42: I Held the line video. That is real in game tech displayed there. And you should realize that the most amazing tech parts here are (for me):

  • No loading sequence (the do in game streaming of required textures etc.)
  • Cross-boundary server tech (players playing on different servers can interact)
  • system in system tech: means, your ship is considered a system and you can move inside that ship while it moves across stars. Example: Your pilot (Friend of yours) defends on the outside piloting and shooting at enemy ships, while you fend off some pirates trying to board on the inside.
  • Real physics applied to all elements. On ships, if during combat you loose a positional booster, you will not be able to use it anymore and have to use others to compensate etc.
  • Perma-death in the verse. Means, if someone dies, he dies and looses his stuff, period. This will IMHO really force people to think before going rogue and do stupid stuff.

And I am eager to test that “beauty” on my FW16 when I get it! It will be more powerful that my current gaming-rig :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think it only applies to FWL16 models with the dGPU, right? AMD’s site says either desktop CPUs/GPUs or system with both an eligible CPU and GPU.
I’m not really that interested in the game but would have given it a try if I got it for free, but I don’t need the dGPU