[RESPONDED] Suggestions on how to install Ubuntu LTS alonside Fedora on 13th gen FW13

I already have Fedora 38 installed and running well, with Windows 8.1 running under Boxes. I’m using it for useful work.

But I want to try Ubuntu LTS as well, preferably with access to the same data files in /home/roops/. This is the first time I’ve dealt with UEFI, so please can someone comment whether I’ve found good advice? I’m not encrypting SSD, and I disabled secure boot to get VMware working under Fedora.

So far I’ve booted Ubuntu from USB and the recommendation seems to be to resize the btrfs partition using GParted while running from USB, to free some space, then install Ubuntu into that space–Ubuntu should add itself to EFI and the boot menu during installation.

Does that make sense, please?


Totally makes sense, however, it’s not ideal to share a home between distros.

Is it possible? Absolutely. Will you have potential issues with applications? Likely, although it will vary.

The easiest, least likely to have things go poorly approach is to follow installer recommendations. “Install along side of” recommendations provided by the installer is going to be best.

Then, it would be okay to boot back into Fedora after you’ve installed Ubuntu. On Fedora, resize the Ubuntu partition to allow for some shared partition storage. Not Home, just a shared EXT4 partition for shared docs/images/etc. Just my recommendation.

You could also symlink that partition to home/data or something like that also.

Thanks Matt_Harley and sciencewhiz for the suggestions.
I must admit I haven’t plucked up the courage yet.

I’ve tried Ubuntu LTS and Windows 10 on a spare SSD (and used Windows to get the fingerprint sensor working) but life is pinching all my time at the moment :slight_smile: