[RESPONDED] Thunderbolt eGPU doesn't connect (RTC Battery)

I was having trouble with my eGPU connecting to my 11th Gen Mainboard (bare board). It has been working previously for about a year now, and suddenly would have trouble booting randomly.

I found some success after resetting cmos, so I replaced the etc battery and it’s working far more stably now.

I want to post here for anyone else who might run into the same.


Hmm, I think we’d need more information.

OS, step to reproduce, model of eGPU.

OS: Windows 11, 21H2
eGPU: th3p4g2, RTX3060
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Framework powered on, connected to eGPU.
  2. Power off PSU for eGPU (FW still powered)
  3. Power on PSU for eGPU (TB does not connect)
  4. Power down all
  5. Remove CMOS battery.
  6. Wait 5 minutes.
  7. Install CMOS battery.
  8. FW boots to eGPU display output.

Even so, the fault would occur unreliably.