Cannot get eGPU to work with my framework laptop

I’ve recently bought an Akitio Node Titan and placed in my RTX 2060 ( into it so I can get a bit gaming done on my framework laptop. I’ve installed the thunderbolt control center and it recognizes the enclosure itself. The framework laptop is being charged and the gpu rgb is turned on. However the blue light on the enclosure that supposed to show that the devices are connected isn’t turned. It’s acting as if there is no actual GPU in the enclosure so because of this I can’t actually install any drivers since it can’t find any gpu and it just says no compatible hardware found.

Here’s a example video of what happens when I turn it on. (Note the vibration noise is just the air screen not held in tightly) akitio node titan - YouTube

As you can see the gpu lights up and the fans start to spin, and the front light turns on, but then after awhile the fans stop and the light on the logo turns off. Throughout all of this the gpu is still isnt connected, even when the fans were on. I have tested using all four of the ports with and without the usb-c modules.

Am I missing a something?

From what I’ve read on the forum, the eGPU and the laptop each need their own separate power supply connected. In your video you seem to have already done that, but just to be sure.

And maybe it’s a stupid question, but have you tried turning on the eGPU, and only after that booting the laptop?

And are all power cables to the grapics card correctly connected (inside the eGPU enclosure)? Some cards need two power cables connected.