[RESPONDED] USB-A module frequently unresponsive

Hi folks I’m running Ubuntu 24.04 on a recently purchased Framework 16.

I have a USB-A module plugged into the second slot down on the right (as seen from the top or lid). It is occasionally unresponsive, and will not return to service until I remove the module and reinsert it. This happens about once every 1-2 days. Should I ask for an exchange, or is there some known issue with a workaround?

Hi @Jeff_Trull ,

can you check if the USB-A expansion card is working with other expansion bays without problems?

I swapped slots 5 and 6 and now the USB-A module (formerly in slot 5) is stable. The audio cable was moved from slot 6 into 5 and is now very sensitive, as though it were loose! So I think it’s slot 5 and not the USB-A module.

I have same prob, am using Slot5.
First happened in Slot 6, still happens after I swapped to Slot5.
Haven’t tried a different expansion card yet.
Running Win10Pro, safely remove or eject then drive is still listed in Explorer but cannot be browsed, unplugging the drive makes no change.
Plugging in a different drive, the new USB drive isn’t seen, still the usb drive that was ejected/safely removed.
Also had similar occurrence in Kubuntu (22.04 I think).
Doesn’t happen every time and doesn’t seem USB drive specific (I’d have to check this thoroughly tho’), but still persists every now and then.

I have the same problem on FW16 with Manjaro.
USBA in port 2 and 5 got unresponsive after a few days or so. reinserting fixes this.
I did not try to change these USBA modules to slots 3 and 6. Will try that now.

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@Loell_Framework any thoughts? Do I have a defective device?

hi @Jeff_Trull ,

kindly try filing a support ticket and go through different repetitive tests request by support to fully identify the failure, they will escalate you for possible replacement of either the board or just the module if it’s deemed identified as faulty hardware.

I switched these usb-A modules to port 3 and 6 and since then I had no unresponsiveness from these ports. So they do not work well in port 2 and 5.

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