usb-A expansion card suddenly not working

Hey all, I have had my FW latpop for over a year now and love it.

However, recently I have just ahd an issue that the usb-a epxansion card has suddeny stopped working out of no where. I was using it to transfer files from a usb and then, two days later, upon trying to connect a mouse etc, it just doesn’t work. I have tried moving the expansion card around to all of the slots to no avail - they all are working otherwise with the usb-c expansion card, sd card reader or HDMI expansion card. I have also done a reinstall of drivers which has made no difference.

To be clear i have a 11th gen intel running on windows - any advice as to how to tell whether this is a hardware or software issue and what the next steps could be would be much appreciated . Thanks in advance

I think it’s most likely to be a hardware problem within the card. USB-C to USB-A are simple cards. There is not much involved for the laptop to do when one is inserted.

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