[RESPONDED] USB A keeps disconnecting

Hi, I have problem with the USB A, it disconnects randomly after a while and stops working even after rebooting. I tried in both of the front positions (left and right) with the same result. After some reboots it starts showing again but with the same problem.

I’m on Ubuntu 22.04.3 with 6.1.0-1027-oem kernel

Hi L_P, welcome to the community.

What BIOS version are you on?

And what model of Framework do you have?

Thank you, right, I have an AMD 13" Ryzen 5, batch 6, BIOS 3.03. I can also add that the problem occurs both while charging and while on battery. I tried also changing the profile from Power Saver to Balanced but it is the same.

I’ve had the same twice since I received my batch 9 7840u.

I’ve had to remove the expansion card (left nearest) and resite to get it to work again.

Thank you, are you on Linux also? I will probably open a ticket with the support, I don’t know what to do

Hi @L_P ,

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Sounds like it’s a USB Expansion card issue, pleas file a support ticket if you haven’t yet.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Actually happened in Windows 11. Always front left slot. Hasn’t happened in a while but I rarely use the A slot. Will file a ticket if it happens again.

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had the same happen recently, usb-a card, front left while trying to create a windows 11 usb

i’m also getting a “USB Device Not Recognized” error when I use it, but it is very very rare. Odd.