[RESPONDED] USB/BT becoming unstable on FW13 Ryzen

OS: Ubuntu 23.10, 6.5.0-14-generic
Device: Framework 13 Ryzen

I’ve been using my laptop with a Razer Orochi V2 bluetooth mouse, and I have 2x USB-C ports, 1x HDMI and 1x USB-A. I haven’t made any recent changes, but a few days ago my mouse disconnected, and my front two USB ports stopped working at the same time. Bluetooth is enabled, and shows the mouse as connected but it does not work. I plugged the dongle into USB-A and it is not detected (nothing is shown in system logs when I plug it in). After unplugging the HDMI port it is still shown by lsusb.

I was just working with an Arduino connected to USB-A and was able to erase/program flash, as well as read serial. The laptop has been sitting flat on my desk and the mouse just froze up again. Bluetooth shows it connected. If I toggle Bluetooth off/on it works again for about 20 seconds but freezes. I tried a wired mouse in USB-A and the same exact problem is happening. Nothing is shown in dmesg/journalctl when I connect it. The only messages are printed when I manually toggle Bluetooth.

Has anyone else experienced this? Events are logged when the mouse connects, but nothing is logged when it freezes.

I’m fairly sure it’s a hardware issue, as restarting doesn’t fix it. I have to power the machine off.

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Check if there’s no physical damage to the USB ports. Sometimes a bent pin or debris can cause connection problems.

Hi @Matt_Blank , welcome back. :slight_smile:

Is the issue reproduceable with Fedora or Ubuntu Live?

All of the ports look good, and I don’t swap the expansion cards around much.

It’s sporadic. I have not tried to reproduce it with a different OS environment. I did some more fiddling and found out that if I connect my bluetooth headset after the mouse freezes, it works, and the mouse starts working again.

I also started seeing this error in the system log “Bluetooth: hci0: ACL packet for unknown connection handle 3837”

I decided to re-seat my wireless card - I’ll see if that makes a difference.