[SOLVED] Bluetooth issues linked to usb controller

FW 13 amd DIY
windows 11

been having an issue where after a while ill get a notification from windows saying theres an error with a usb device after which whenever i leave my mouse still and then try to move it then it wont move but if i open up the bluetooth menu itll start working i dont even need to connect its already connected even in the quick menu it says its connected to the mouse its only when i open it up to see all the connected devices that it magically works again
ive tried uninstalling the driver for that device which hasnt worked but whenever i do uninstall it then the issue goes away but of course windows just reinstalls it automatically and i assume that the device is important so i dont really want to look for a way to permanently uninstall it
(when i say uninstall device i mean this
image )

ive looked up the error code best i get is to uninstall device which i already did
any ideas?
edit: no longer magically works if i uninstall the device
if i disable it i still have the issue to
after a quick restart and a reseating of the wifi card booted up device manager and it appeared the error shows from the start

[fixed]: if i dont update this i reinstalled the drivers from frameworks website that they give you for installing your wifi card drivers and ive not had the issue come up yet if this doesnt get updated then that means it fixed the issue

issue is back and not solved

I’m getting this issue with my 13" AMD on windows 11 also. My mouse keeps randomly disconnecting and not being recognised

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I am having the exact same problem.

So I had a little prod around in device manager and such. I found that for me, the issue was a driver conflict with the windows drivers (from framework) and the Logitech driver I was using for custom gestures. Once I uninstalled the Logitech drivers all the issues went away. Not the ideal solution but I can live without the one specific button function I had programmed.

I’m not sure what your setups are but this might help you guys.

i think i had it installed at some point but i had uninstalled it later
i have reinstalled the framework amd drivers and although the issue came up again after a restart again at some point the issue seems to have magically gone away