[RESPONDED] Weird behaviour from Wavlink USB hub on Framework (Fedora Linux)

Yesterday, I got my new Wavlink USB hub (UMD302). It mostly works as expected, but it has some unusual quirks with my Framework that are making it frustrating to use. I’m using it to connect two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse and an ethernet cord.

1: Power supply

I have the hub plugged into the wall (61W according to the block). However, when I plug my laptop into the dock, it spends 10-20 seconds stopping/starting charging (which sounds pretty funny since Gnome makes a clicking sound every time). This only happens on my Framework, all other devices I’ve tried work fine. Sometimes, the Framework acts even more weirdly, not even knowing if its charging and leading to funny screenshots like this:


Another annoying part of using this dock is that my Framework refuses to use it as a power source if it’s under 5% battery. The light on the side briefly flashes orange, but then the laptop seemingly gives up :frowning:

2: Sleeping while docked

Also, when I have it docked and let it suspend after 5 minutes, pressing a button on my keyboard can’t wake it up. When I tap the power button on the laptop, it briefly shows an unresponsive Gnome login screen and then once again turns black, unable to wake up on any of my monitors until I restart the laptop or unplug/replug the dock. This only happens when the laptop sleeps on its own, when I suspend it manually it wakes back up no problem.

Are there fixes that exist for any of these problems?

The USB hub in question: https://www.wavlink.com/en_us/product/WL-UMD302.html

Hi @ryan_warfield ,

Welcome to the community, we can’t recommend using docks with framework as there are so many docks in the market and we can’t test them all, and produces unexpected behaviors like the one you mentioned, simpler hubs though tend to work.

cheers. :slight_smile:

Got it.

In case anyone is wondering about fixes anyways, I can’t explain why but after a while most of my problems have mysteriously resolved themselves. Now the dock works pretty much fine.