Returns experience?


My 12th gen turned up with a bunch of hardware issues that I wasn’t keen to fix on a brand new laptop, so I opted to return it.

Return got to Framework’s German repair facility over three weeks ago and have had no updates since. I contacted support a week ago and they said they’d contact me when they had an update. I followed up again yesterday with no reply. I think if I don’t hear something soon I’ll contact my credit card company.

Has anyone else returned a laptop? What was your timeline and experience like?

For example, it you search the forum you will find topics/posts like this

I had a similar experience to that too, I had to poke a few times to actually get a returns label in the first place.

From ordering to now it’s been a pretty terrible experience to be honest.

UPDATE: Our Reverse Logistics and Repair Center Manager is addressing this directly with our partner in Germany. We absolutely own this as a miss on our end and will work to improve this experience with urgency.

Hello all,

Our apologies for any delays in the RMA experience. For European returns, we rely on our 3rd party partner for the creation of prepaid labels and it seems there have been some delays on receipt of them as they create them and provide them to us in a secured drive. For US/CA returns, those labels are automatically created with the creation of the RMA. 3 weeks is far too long for processing of a return and refund. I’ll be checking with our partner in Germany to find out why this is so delayed today.


Hello: What are the issues that you faced that forced you to return it? I got mine yesterday and I am already very displeased with the battery performance. At a 100%, the battery gives an hour and a half. While I really like the concept of this company, I do not think that the battery performance at this stage is even comparable to other companies. I feel really bad that I have to return it.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

That battery experience is ‘really bad’

What OS are you using and are you using sleep, which may well drain the battery overnight.

You can check what is using the battery if you are inclined to do so.

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Thanks for your reply.
I have put Samsung 950 PRO and 32 GB of memory (Corsair). I am using Windows 11 and the computer is so fast I do not even need to put it on sleep, I just shut it down and boot when I need. But still, the battery sucks.

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Fan was making a grinding sound, webcam would disconnect if you lifted the laptop up, keyboard keys would stick and the screen wobbled too much to be used on your lap. Worst experience of poor QC I’ve ever had tbh.

Yikes. That is not encouraging at all. I reached out to them on Twitter and I am waiting for a response from them. The battery life is a deal breaker for me tbh. I hope you get your refund soon.

I had to return my Framework 12th Gen Batch 5 as, unfortunately, the battery life was less than 3 hours on Windows 10, 11 and 3 Linux distros. I am concerned by how long it takes Framework to process the return and reimburse my payment. I had the laptop less than 10 days, I shipped it the same day I received the return slip. I was told that it would take 5 business days for them to inspect the laptop for damage and assess whether they would charge a restocking fee and then a further 5 to 10 days to process my reimbursement. It has now been 4 business days since it was received by Framework without any news. In today’s world where Framework is able to process payments same day when they ship a laptop I find it interesting that reimbursing a dissatisfied customer takes up to 15 days…

Hi Dean,

I’m in contact with our Reverse Logistics and Repair manager now. I think there might have been an issue in the daily system comms between us and our 3rd party partner. We’re digging into this today and I’m working to verify that everything was inspected for the return. I should have this closed out for you today.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi @Dean_McGrath,

After digging in, your return was received on December 1st in the afternoon. We state that we will process returns within 5 business days of return and today would be the 5th business day, so we are still within the period stated. That said, we’ve seen an increase in return processing, and are a little delayed on some returns. I’ll make sure this is reviewed today.

Thank you.

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