RISC-V Mainboard

I noticed there are no RISC-V discussions so thought I’ll open one myself. I have heard some rumors of a RISC mainboard but I imagine its probably not really high on the roadmap since the CPU itself is kind of a niche and only a few mini ITX boards actually exist atm.

I am hoping of buying a laptop now and upgrading the mainboard to RISC when and if it becomes available in the future.

Has the team considered partnering with a company like SiFive for example, to outsource the development of a RISC-V mainboard to make this a reality sooner?


Let’s wait a year or two for that. RISC-V definitely has potential but it’s not quite ready for prime time yet. I would be one of the Framework customers who’d purchase a new RISC-V mainboard when it comes out for sure though.

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The hardware seems to be ready. Software on the other hand would be, lets say, very fun to use…much alfa, very broken :smiley:

The RISC-V feature is attractive. Perhaps if Framework would open the necessary info, some CPU or motherboard companies can develop the feature by themselves to make it work on Framework without the resource of the Framework?


I’m ready for my RiscV. I was thinking :thinking: the same thing, add li_fi too. or an external connection for PCI express

I expect that we will get AMD first, then ARM+Nvidia, and then something RISC-V based. We already got Intel, so it is not in the list. Remember that Intel and probably AMD is looking to get into RISC-V, X86 days are numbered.

What a wonderful time to live in.


I found someone’s tweet about RISC-V below. In the the Framework’s open sourced main board released recently, Framework is on a great position to ask the RISC-V organization to create the RISC-V mainboard to the Framework Laptop.


I would love it!!! First thing I would do is install Qubes OS. See how well the emulators work. Qubes OS is apparently RISC V friendly. I wish I had the option…



With Microsoft’s Pluton coming to AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, etc. chips and Xcalibyte getting things started with the Roma laptop, I hope we can see a RISC-V Framework board in the next few years without any hardware-embedded spyware.
RISC-V also recently announced new specifications for E-Trace, SBI, and UEFI