Ryzen 7 7840HS low performance issue

Hi, I got my Batch 3 FW 16 a few weeks ago and after a while I noticed that the fans where never spinning up, even when gaming.
Reading reviews the fan noise was a critique point concerning the laptop, so I thought maybe something is wrong with my machine. Using the Radeon software I monitored the performance while gaming and running Cinebench and got an interesting result:
The Temperature never exceeded 75 Degrees, CPU Power never exceeded 35W and clockspeed was always at around 3.5GHz while gaming, only over 4GHz in short bursts.
I did some research on the forum and found a post with Cinebench 2024 scores of around 900. Mine where at 760. He also mentioned an improvement when tightening the heatsink screws, so I tried that. The screws where pretty tight, but I got a quarter turn without too much force.
Rerunning the tests the laptop performed as expected, CPU hitting 100 Degrees, Power reaching 46W and Clockspeed reaching 4.4GHz during Cinebench Multicore.

I’m not sure if tightening the screws or simply the reassemble of the laptop fixed my issue, but I highly recommend doing a Cinebench run while monitoring the CPU stats and tightening the heatsink screws when the stats are abnormal.

TL;DR: Low dan noise, temps, power and clockspeed on CPU during Benchmark; Opening the Laptop and tightening the heatsink screws fixed the issue.

Maybe this will help someone experiencing the same thing.


Hello, I think I have a similar problem as yours, I also have 760 ish cinebench 2024 results, and have also disappointing 3d marks results for the 7840HS CPU.
The CPU frequency is limited to ~3.900GHz too. But the CPU temperature is always at 100°C when I run the Cinebench benchmark.
I tried tightening the screws, to no avail.
I was curious if you had the iGpu version or dGpu one ? I have the iGpu version and was wondering if the expansion bay for this version was sufficient for dissipating all the heat…

It’s me, I am him.
I just want to mention to people that mobile CPUs do not have a heatspreader and it’s possible to break of the edge of your CPU if you’re not tighting evenly. Breaking of pieces of your CPU improves thermals a lot, it also reduces function to ZERO.

Proceed at your own risk.

Also glad that my post was helpful after all.

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I don’t have the dGPU.
What Power supply are you using? I’ve noticed that with some other PSUs than the Framework one, even if their output should be high enough, the CPU power is reduced. But in this scenario my temperatures also never exceed 75 degrees, so that seems unlikely to be the case for you.

Thanks for your replies.
@Jona_Heyden I am using the standard power supply from Framework, but indeed it is probably not the case here, as it seems to be a thermal throttling issue.

My CPU is indeed at 100°C during the test, but the SOC is reported to be at 70°C.
I think I might have a problem with the interface between the cooling system and the CPU, but I do not understand why as it is normally liquid metal…

I might try to remove the heatpipes someday to see if it does better with standard thermal paste…