Average Benchmark Performance (Ryzen 9 7940HS Only)

I recently received my Framework 16 with a Ryzen 9 7940HS and wanted to check if my benchmark results is within the expected performance range.

My CPU is also constantly pinned at 100-100.5 degrees when running these benchmarks or compiling software. Is this expected?

Cinebench R23 Score (Maximum Performance Mode Windows 11):
Maximum 14300 Points
Average: 13800 Points
Minimum: 13500 Points
In running Cinebench, the CPU gets to 100+ degrees in almost 5 seconds after the run starts

Geekbench 6.2 (Balanced Mode Windows 11)
Score: 11591 Points Multi-Core
2389 Points Single-Core

Are these results expected? Especially because it seems like the Ryzen 9 7940HS is even underperforming compared to the cheaper Ryzen 7 7840HS systems.

I can’t help with comparative results (I ordered the lower 7840HS CPU, and it hasn’t arrived yet anyway), but as I understand it, the CPU is designed to get to about 100 degrees before lowering its speed to prevent it from going any higher.

It is constantly staying above 100C which is somewhat concerning. When I was compiling some software the fans maxed out but the cpu was still at 100.2C running at 4.2Ghz around. It stayed that high for like 5 minutes or more.

What is your ambient temperature? I think most of the specs assume you’re in a 70°F / 20°C room. I don’t think this will affect peak temps, but does reduce the effectiveness of the cooling system so the CPU would have throttle more and you’d get lower cinebench scores.

Also you could try comparing benchmarks against some reviewers. E.g. LTT had a 7840HS and got 100/875 for single/multi scores in Cinebench 2024 https://youtu.be/eUCm4wKarpQ?si=1DxvVshX9VqMyo1V

In addition, CPU performance is affected not just by temps but by your other components. In particular RAM running below 5600MT/s will have a significant impact, but I could see a slow SSD or other components also having some effect.

Lastly, note you should benchmark with computer plugged in and power profile set to Performance. Unplugging and using the Balanced profile will both reduce your scores.

The ambient temperature I ran the tests in was around 75-80F and even when I ran it in a cooler environment, the CPU still spikes to 100C pretty quickly.

NotebookCheck did some testing with a Framework 16 with the 7940HS and managed to get 16500 points with 16300 as the minimum.

I’m not sure how NotebookCheck did their testing which is why I’m wondering if other users on the forum are getting a similar level of performance and temperatures as my Framework 16.

Did you see CPU Benchmarks and TDP

Sorry for the late reply.

I did look at that post and someone mentioned scores that were also around 13500. I just wanted to see if the majority of users with the Ryzen 9 7940HS version of the Framework 16 were experiencing the same issues.

I’m not sure if just these 2 data points are enough to verify that the standard scores for all the Ryzen 9 7940HS systems are around 13500. Especially because NotebookCheck managed to get a score in the 16000s.

If anyone has the time to run these benchmarks and see their numbers, it would be very helpful.

This user with a 7840HS says they got about 15k in R23 once support sent them a new mainboard with fixed thermal performance. They were only getting about 14k with their original board with large temperature deltas between cores. High Thermals on a 7840HS - #19 by Snipe

I have filed a support ticket with Framework Support and they have said they are launching an internal investigation. I’m still waiting for a response, but I will send an email asking them if they are still testing or if they are finished, what are the results they are getting.

In some previous benchmarks, my CPU had around a 13 degree difference between the hottest core are 99.6 (Reaches even higher but that was the temp I took the screenshot at) and the lowest core at around 86.2 degrees. This is one of the screenshots I filed to support.

Please keep us posted on how your ticket goes. I have a 7840HS but I am seeing the same as you, an average delta of 13 degrees between my hottest and coldest cores under stress though it reaches as high as 16 degrees at its peak.

I will try my best. Unfortunately, this investigation has been taking some time. The last email I sent was 6 days ago.

I will try emailing them again to ask if they have found any results from their investigation.

Have you run any benchmarks on your device? If so, what scores did you see with your 7840HS?

I have been using mostly Cinebench and before seeing this thread and the one linked about the 23 degree delta I hate to say it but I was only looking at listed package temperature and not individual core temperatures.

I was getting about 14200 with the full 45 watt TDP enabled and around 13775 with all boosts off and the TDP limited to 35 watts, which also kept my package temps down to about 86 degrees.

Just curious, but were you comparing the average core temps with the package or what temps did you see the 13 degree difference?

I’ve been using OpenHardwareMonitor after Framework Support asked me to monitor with that, so I’m not sure if HWiNFO has package temperature. I was mainly looking at individual core temps when using HWiNFO. Sadly, OpenHardwareMonitor doesn’t show individual core temps.

I was using HWMonitor and just leaving it open and watching it. I have been rerunning it with HWInfo this time. Core 1 is consistently the coolest core and Core 6 is consistently the hottest for me. I have a TDP locked and TDP unlocked run logged here but they average out to be about the same after the limit kicks in with just the peaks being higher.
TDP Locked

TDP Unlocked

I will also add that I have tried a few operating systems on the FW16 now. Fedora 39/40, Zorin 17(17.1 I think but I cannot swear to it), and Windows 11 all just ran the CPU up to 99/100 degrees and kept it screaming there. Now that I am on Windows 10 it seems to actually care about the CPU somewhat and the temps are much more reasonable.

Just an update on the Support Ticket.

Framework Support responded and determined that a mainboard replacement is necessary.

Also for you performance numbers on Windows 11, did you get a higher score than you did with Windows 10 or were they very similar? I’m not sure but Windows 11 might be pushing it more than Windows 10, so you might have a higher score on 11 at the cost of way higher thermals.

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Make sure to update us with new scores after the mainboard replacement!

I will! Hopefully the new mainboard doesn’t have the same problem as this one :laughing:!

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I don’t remember the exact score but it was a bit higher on Windows 11, consistently over 14k. Not enough of a jump for 14 degrees to be justified for me though. The keyboard definitely stays cooler with Windows 10.

And thank you for the follow up. I suppose I will put my ticket in and see how it goes.

Just as another data point my F16 w/7940HS scores 16,783 in Cinebench R23 Multi (3 run average, 24-25C ambient, laptop on raised stand, 180w FW adapter). Average CPU temp was 94.5 at 20m in the 30m loop, with average CPU Package Power at 50w at that same 20M mark (reported by HWiNFO74 v8.02-5440). Win11 Pro with balanced power profile. I was saw no difference between the balanced and performance plan, although I just compared a single run at performance (R23 is remarkably consistent in it’s scores though).

This score is inline with all my CPU tests compared to my Legion with a 7745HX - IOW, the 7940HS is about 10% slower.

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