Samsung 990 pro ssd without heatsink

Wil the Samsung 990 Pro ssd 4Tb 2280 work in the Frame.Work 16 laptop?

# Samsung SSD 990 PRO, 4TB, NVMe M.2, PCIe 4.0, 7.450 MB/s read, 6,900 MB/s writing, internal SSD, for gaming and video editing, MZ-V9P4T0BW

Found on Amazon as Black Friday deal for 239 euro’s.

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Non-heatsink version - yes. It’s single sided.

But how about the temperature? Won’t it overheat, without heatsink?

They wouldn’t sell it without a heatsink if it wasn’t safe. Check out the reviews. It’ll throttle to prevent overheating, just like a CPU.

Unless you’re hammering it with massive amount of writes, should be fine.

So even the 4 TB version is single sided? I was planning on getting a 1 TB version of the Samsung 990 Pro since I wasn’t sure if the 2 TB version would work (plus it’s cheaper). I might get a 2 TB if that’s the case.

Spec sheet has the physical dimensions the same for all versions at 2.3mm thick.

I was getting a little worried about the 2.3 mm width given what I was seeing in knowledge base FW16 storage, but given that the WD Black SN850X is offered on the marketplace and is 2.38 mm there shouldn’t be any clearance issues with the Samsung.

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