Display gets too bright and messes up the colors

Got my laptop a few weeks ago and recently started to notice that once in a while the screen gets overly bright and messes up the display colors.
I was running Windows 10 when I started to notice it. I thought upgrading to Windows 11 would fix it but it didn’t help.
I turned off “Change brightness automatically when lighting changes” and “Stream HDR video” from display settings still doesn’t help.
I also turned off “Adaptive Brightness” from the intel graphics command center and still doesn’t help.
However, I figured that when I close the light censor with my finger it seems to go back to normal.

Here’s a demo of this issue: https://youtu.be/l0XAMFykhxo
Anybody else having the same issue? Is there a fix or should I just tape the light censor?

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Can you open the bezel and make sure there is no dust, or any plastic flakes on the mold?

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The exact Intel Command Centre setting that fixed this issue for someone else was called “Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement”, which needed to be turned off. Is that the same as the “Adaptive Brightness” setting you already switched off?


@Dominic_Keen that’s it, that solved it. Thanks to you both @Josh_Cook, @Dominic_Keen