Screen Aspect Ratio Weird?

Hey all, just got the machine, having a hard time dealing with the weird screen size… why didn’t fw just release a normal 15 inch or 13 inch? Contemplating returning it… I love everything but the screen. Love user repairability, upgradability etc. But that odd screen, just…can’t…

A 3:2 Aspect Ratio gives more vertical space for productivity. It works for a lot of people who want to be able to see more when they’re coding or writing up documents.


Personally I think the screen is one of the best hardware choices on the FW.
Agrees with @Water261, The 3:2 delivers more screen real estate for productivity.
I even ordered an extra NE135FBM-N41 panel and driver board to double the display, as described in this thread , when traveling and being on the road :smiley: .

It’s unclear to me if you mean the screen resolution, the aspect ratio or the diagonal size or some combination of?

I think the resolution is a weak point as it forces fractional scaling to have a comfortable interface size but otherwise am also a fan of taller aspect ratios but then my ideal screen is 14" 16:10 which is very close to the Frameworks see here for a comparison Visual TV Size Comparison : 13.5 inch 3x2 display vs 14 inch 16x10 display.

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