Screen goes black

Hey everyone,
Has anyone experienced this, no matter if my laptop is plugged in or not, it randomly loose its video signal to the screen, even if I am not tilting the screen or whatever, yet I can still hear the audio, and when it comes back on, it goes to the “wake up” screen (the screen that normally asks you for your password after that, and you see the time it currently is).
I’ve been trying to debug this for a while now, I thought it might be the drivers, it doesn’t seem to be because no matter the version, it does it. I went through 4 versions now and I am constantly updating my laptop. I opened up the laptop to check on the cables, everything seems great cable-wise… The laptop doesn’t freeze or isn’t hot when it happens either… It’s really starting to bother me…
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

Edit; This is a Batch 5 of 11th gen Intel

Do you have any devices with magnets near the laptop? This sounds like you’re activating the lid close sensor, that is about halfway down the side of the bottom case. Magnets in your phone or a wireless earbud case can cause this to happen.

I don’t, unfortunately or… I guess… fortunately? maybe?

Check the Windows Event Viewer for that time.

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It’s possible you just have a lid close sensor that’s activating on it’s own for some reason? I’d send a message to support in order to see if they can help you with troubleshooting.